There are so many benefits in using Jettes. Here is a list of the top ones:

  1. Deep Breathing - Not only does deep breathing reduce stress, it has also been proven to release endorphins, which acts as the bodies natural pain killer. When you are breathing deeply your body has a better chance to absorb the oxygen, which replenishes your system, and relaxes your muscles. Other studies have been done about the benefits of breathing deeply in dealing with smoking withdrawal. A study done showed that controlled deep breathing significantly reduced smoking withdrawal symptoms, including craving for cigarettes and negative affect (tense, irritable), while resulting in the maintenance of baseline arousal (wide awake, able to concentrate) levels.
    *b Department of Medicine, Smoking Research Laboratory, Duke University and Durham VA Medical Centers, 2200 W. Main St., B-200, Durham, NC 27705, USA
  2. No Smoke - Here is a small list of some chemicals found in cigarette smoke: Acetone (nail polish remover), Acetic Acid (Vinegar), Ammonium (Floor/Toilet Cleaner), Arsenic (poison), Butane (cigarette lighter fluid), Cadmium (rechargeable batteries), Carbon Monoxide (car exhaust fumes), DDT/Dieldrin (Insecticides), Ethanol (alcohol), Formaldehyde (preserver of body tissue and fabric), Hexamine (barbecue lighter), Hydrogen Cyanide (gas chamber poison), Methane (swamp gas), Methanol (rocket fuel), Napthalene (mothballs), Nitrobenzene (gasoline additive), Nitrous Oxide Phenols (disinfectant), Steric Acid (candle wax), Toluene (industrial solvent), Vinyl Chloride (makes PVC) You don't have to be a scientist to see why eliminating these chemicals would benefit your health.
  3. Second Hand Smoke - The chemicals found in secondhand smoke are the same as those inhaled by the active smoker. However, because their combustion is incomplete, the concentration is 100 times higher. Second-hand smoke contains three times more tar and 73 times more ammonia than smoke inhaled by the smoker. So not only are you risking your life by smoking, your risking the lives of those around you. By switching to Jettes, you will eliminate the health hazards to others.

There are more benefits such as on the environment, and reduced fire hazard. So it's not hard to see how "smoking" jettes could benefit your life. The switch is easy, it just takes a decision and a few clicks. Soon you'll be part of the Jettes Revolution!