Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Jette?
A Jette is an electronic device that simulates smoking. It uses a lithium Ion battery to power a very small fog machine. It senses when you breathe in and starts producing fog. When not in use the Jette does nothing. This eliminates fire hazard and smoke issues. The Jette starter kit comes with a charger so you'll always have a full battery ready. The Jette uses tips that are easily pressed on. The tip contains the fluid that is turned into fog, which allows you to easily switch tips when they run out, or when you just need a new flavor.

Is the Jette fog safe?
Yes it is. The fog has been eccesively tested to make sure its very safe. It has passed the most strict health tests on earth including: ROC, Ecc. You can even do your own research if you have further concerns. The fog fluid contains water, propelyne glycol, and flavoring. Propylene glycol (fog fluid) has been used in fog machines since 1973. Please remember if you are purchasing the nicotene tips to help you quit smoking, you are still exposed to the same nicotene that has been linked to hazardous health issues.

Do Jettes taste and smell like a normal cigarette?
They do not put off an offensive odor, in fact even in a closed up car you won't bother other passengers. As far as taste, there is a cigarette flavored tip, which is similar to a normal cigarettes flavor. Don't forget we offer other flavored tips, to suite your preference.

Will I save money smoking Jettes, compared to normal cigarettes?
Yes! Once you buy the starter kit all you'll have to purchase is replacement tips. You might replace a battery or atomizer, but not very often. Plus, the health benefits from quitting smoking are priceless!

How long does it take to charge?
It should be recharged in around 3 hours, and with two cartridges, all you have to do is switch daily. Plus, if you have the car charger, you'll always have a full battery.